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Unlock Your Potential

valid for up to 2 months

→ 1 x 90 minute initial strategy session
This intensive session is designed so we are able to look at your life holistically, identifying your life priorities, goals and objectives.
→ 6 x 1 hour sessions
→ Coaching tools and exercises
→ Basic overview notes and homework via email
→ Unlimited email support for the duration of the program.


£697 IN FULL
 2 Payments of £383

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You can tell she genuinely cares and pays attention to everything you say. 

"What can I say about Sue as a coach? She’s so easy to talk to and so real – I just fell in love with her so many times. You can tell she genuinely cares and pays attention to everything you say. Anyway, the point is coaching great! So is Sue, and her cats!" 

- Heleyna (Small Business Owner)

I found Sueha’s kindness and professionalism to be great!

"She has really helped me understand my goal in a clearer way. I felt safe and comfortable opening up. I was able to delve into various elements that were holding me back. I have had this goal for almost 3 years. Now, I feel ready to tackle it and am certain of my success!"

- Hiba (Performance Manager)

VIP Package

valid for up to 3 months

→ 1 x 90 minute initial strategy session
This intensive session is designed so we are able to look at your life holistically, identifying your life priorities, goals and objectives.
11 x 1 hour sessions
→ Detailed written notes from each session for your coaching journal including feedback and homework
An in-depth set of notes will be emailed through as a PDF for your records
→ Coaching tools and exercises
→ Feedback and homework
→ Unlimited text, voice note, and email support for the duration of the program.
→ Accountability calls to keep you on track
→ Access to maintenance sessions [see below]
Maintenance sessions are a proactive way to stay on top of your coaching progress.

maintenance options

One-off maintenance: £80
Monthly rollover maintenance session: £64 [20% off]
*Access to these discounted sessions is only available upon completion of a VIP package.


£1197 IN FULL
4 Payments of £330

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I have gained clarity in so many different areas of my life

"From the first session, I knew that through this program with Sueha I will be able to really make the most of my six month sabbatical and we did just that. I have gained so much from our sessions I don’t even know where to begin. I can say with confidence that through our sessions I have gained clarity in so many different areas of my life and not just what had been troubling me at first. "

- Mawada (Doctor)

I now have a more positive outlook on the next phase of my life, thanks to Sueha!

"From the first session, Sueha enabled me to consider my forthcoming retirement in a more structured and positive manner. I was able to focus on areas that I could act upon immediately, rather than having to wait until I actually do retire.  had been very apprehensive and unhappy at the prospect of my retirement, looming ahead of me. I now feel more confident and better equipped to continue planning successfully and positively, for a happy retirement."

- Jo (Teaching Assistant)

Are you ready to:

Dig up the roots of what’s keeping you stuck, excavating the real reason behind your procrastination tendencies.

Overcome your fears and self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your goals. This means reduced overthinking and less worrying. Woohoo!

Get underneath the excuses and reveal the deeper reasons behind your thoughts and actions [or lack thereof]. Goodbye self-doubt, hello confidence!

Reconnect with yourself, gain clarity and new found direction towards your life goals.
Hint: This means that you will give more of a shit about things that matter to you and less of a shit about things that don’t.

Adopt a greater sense of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-belief, so you become a woman of intuition that trusts herself and her abilities.

Explore your thoughts, values, beliefs, fears and patterns of behavior, allowing room to shift your mind-set and become unstoppable.

Work with an experienced coach, who will be your biggest cheerleader as you learn to become your own.


How are these sessions carried out?

Sessions are both online and face to face. With Covid-19 restrictions currently in place, all sessions will take place online - Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom - until further notice.

how often do these sessions take place?

Sessions can be carried out weekly.

I’m not from the UK, can I work with you?

Absolutely! Although I am based in the UK, my services can be accessed globally. I am blessed to have worked with ladies from Indonesia, Uganda, Dubai, Ireland, Australia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States and many more. I welcome clients from all over the world.

I’m not sure which package to choose. How do I decide which is best for me?

I currently offer 2 packages: Unlock Your Potential [UYP] and the VIP. If you have had coaching in the past or have a smaller, more specific issue to work on, the UYP is for you. If you have felt stuck for a while and need to excavate underlying patterns of behaviour, I would encourage the VIP.
The extra sessions, detailed notes and unlimited communication between meetings is immensely valuable and effective. It also gives you access to discounted maintenance sessions [VIP only] which support you to maintain your progress.

How will I know if coaching is working for me?

During the first, middle and final session, we will measure your progress using a specific coaching tool. While coaching will require you to be an active participant in your own success, the process brings clarity, realisation and progressive success.

As we begin to connect the dots, your new-found awareness will fuel positive actions and results in your life.

How do I apply what I learn through coaching to my life?

Coaching is very proactive in its approach. We identify key barriers in your life, understand your patterns of behavior and get clear on the areas you tend to get stuck.

We do this through open dialogue, reflective questioning and coaching tools that penetrate through the surface level reasons for our actions [or lack thereof]. 

You will be fully supported throughout your coaching experience and we will apply what you learn together.

Is there a difference between coaching and counselling/therapy?

Although they somewhat overlap, they are very different practices. I like to visualize a Venn diagram; they’re mostly different but have some similarity too.

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals. We do this by looking at your current circumstance, dipping into past situations only to make sense of your present.

Therapy tends to have a more of a past and present focus, healing from and making sense of past trauma. Coaching supports you in getting where you want to be.

I want to work with you, how do I get started?

Fill out the coaching application form [this is checked weekly]. Shortly after you submit your application form, you will receive an email inviting you to book a free 30 min consultation call, where we chat about your coaching needs and answer any questions you may have.

Once you’ve signed the coaching agreement, you’ll receive an email with your first set of coaching tools ready for our initial strategy session. Then, the road to self-discovery begins!