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5 Reasons I am NOT the Coach for you

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My coaching process does not involve surface level quick-fixes. I go deep and excavate the real reasons behind your thoughts, actions and behaviours. Together, we will look beyond the excuses and discover what’s underneath it all. You will receive straight up honesty from me, as we dig into the real reasons that are holding you back and getting in your way. 

I will push you to show up for yourself and keep you accountable when you say you will do/not do something. Expect regular check-ins from me. I know it’s hard to stick to things and sometimes the simplest things can seem mountainous. Know that as your coach, I’ll be right there cheering you on as I teach you how to follow through with things. 


I don’t edit myself. I am passionate about the coaching process and bring that energy into our sessions. I sometimes swear during coaching and have been known to belly laugh in-session too. I keep it real, you will receive 100% authentic Sueha.  


My coaching takes on a structured, yet flexible approach. The process is moulded to you and your needs, alongside coaching tools and techniques. You will have small homework tasks to complete each week – this is designed, so as to encourage growth and promote transformation.


I’m human too! I’m not immune to bad days or moments of struggle. Some days, I don’t want to adult - I’d much rather watch Netflix, eat ice-cream and avoid feelings of self-doubt. Other days, I’m taken aback by my strength and commitment to bettering myself. I am someone who has worked hard to ensure majority of my days are the latter and I am committed to supporting you to ensure yours are too.